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28 Years; What does it mean?

Time is running inevitably, and I have just realised that now, today (June 26 2008), I have just completed my age to be 28 years. It is to old to say that I am 28, isn't it! However, no thing I could say. Time can't be pulled back and from day to day my story, journey and lesson from my days becomes longer. And, it means that my remaining time becomes shorter because inevitably, agree or not, at the end of the day, He will call me back to His lap.

There is nothing I could proud of my live, nor I am able to be responsible to the Live He has given to me. If the day is coming, and I am asked "How did you use your live?" What answer I can say since I have done nothing meaningful? The only my prayer and request to Him is to give me more valuable live in which my presence can be more meaningful for my self and all beloved people around me. Thanks to my family (Chacha and Bunda) for your assistance, and all people around me that I can call you one by one for all your inspirations. My belief is that whoever you are, I will become nothing without you all.

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